Filip Claeys

Charming, with a playful smile. Filip Claeys belongs to a generation of young chefs which is rather often, but therefore not always rightly, described as rock ‘n roll. Filip likes to think out of the box. His kitchen is original and authentic and not particularly mainstream. However, neither chef nor kitchen has a tough or rough touch. Characteristics that are easily associated with Stones and other rock ‘n rollers. Still, Filip too is a person of extraordinary character and personality. Nevertheless, those both rather remind you of an introvert, enchanting jazz saxophonist. Rather a dreary tenor sax than a blaring alto sax. With soft, energetic rounded tones, stimulating, with a wink and with a message. Also always seeing himself in perspective, though.  Always down to earth and with both feet on the ground. Being a kitchen chef is to his mind the most beautiful profession in the world. Nothing more, but also nothing less.

Sandra Meirlevede

From haute couture to haute cuisine. She only needs six words to summarize her professional life. A lady of few words but what she does say makes sense. Being a fashion designer she wanted to start her own business. Until she met the love of her life and decided to follow his track. With almost the same number of years of professional experience in the pocket. Gained as a waiter in the same high end places. She therefore is entitled to the vision that De Jonkman is synonymous with Filip and Sandra or Sandra and Filip. As an all-round, always focused hostess and mother of two kids, the order of the names does not matter to her.