GaultMillau 2020, 18/20 

"Filip Claeys is a chef whose personality has been designed by his own history. His grandfather was a fisherman and it is in that profession that the chef finds the inspiration with which he turned De Jonkman in one of the top addresses of the region. (...) The waiters operate just like the kitchen on a top level." 

Michelin 2019, ** 

"Filip Claeys is passionate by his profession. Even more surprising, original and tasty: that is his motivation in the kitchen. When such ambition is joined by top talent and a wonderful CV you get a cast-iron formula. The inventive dishes fit perfectly within the modern decor." 

Knack restaurantgids 2013-2014, four whisks (highest rank) 

"Filip Claeys is committed to the Belgian fishery. He wants to prove that quality dishes can be prepared with lesser known, undervalued products such as horse mackerel, pouting, European hake, sea robin, weever, pollack and European plaice. The fishermen bring living shrimps from the North Sea. Filip's dishes are original, actual, playful and full of fresh, natural touches." 

The Belgian chefs, the spearheads of the Belgian kitchen, Willem Asaert & Marc Declercq 

"Filip Claeys worked in De Karmeliet for six years and with Sergio Herman for five years. In his own restaurant he makes a synthesis of both chefs in his own style: very product-minded, fresh and powerful, with very much depth."