Michelin 2024, ** 

Filip Claeys is mad about fish. The grandson of a fisherman, he founded NorthSeaChefs, which endeavours to encourage consumers to eat lesser known and accidentally caught fish. Equally at home with red meat and top-drawer ingredients such as langoustine, he also wows diners with lowly dogfish, thanks to his inventive, original style. Delicate sauces showcase his classical training, whilst allowing his personality to shine through in dishes such as tartare of artichoke, underscored by hints of rhubarb and a white ajo cream with toasted almonds. Or how about oxtail flanked by tarragon cream, a sabayon of curd and confit of chard that add complexity, subtlety and depth to the whole dish? Each course is served in several plates so that the diner can better taste the individual qualities of each ingredient. The friendly, home-from-home vibe that reigns throughout the establishment adds a relaxed note to the chef’s high-flying craftsmanship. Let the sommelier guide you in choosing just the right wine for your meal. Heaven for foodies, this elegant restaurant sports a designer interior dotted with wooden fixtures and fittings.

GaultMillau 2024, 18/20

Chef Filip Claeys, the unsurpassed pacesetter of the NorthSeaChefs collective, and his wife and hostess Sandra Meirlevede guarantee a very successful culinary moment in their recently and atmospherically redesigned restaurant. Naturally, fish and other marine delicacies take centre stage. As catch of the day, dab is in no better hands than right here. Perfectly fried, with structures of pumpkin and combined with aromatic vadouvan-based sauce, the fish releases its specific flavour. This chef also belongs to the kitchen guild who have mastered the art of imbuing sauces with unprecedented depth. Which we taste, among others, in the dish with frog legs 'Tribute to my father'. Deep-fried as tempura and fried with parsley root, they make for an extraordinary experience. And for the very delicate, flavourful gravy based on the same frog legs alone, we want to return immediately. The sweet segment also involves a nod to a classic from father Bob Claeys' restaurant. This crêpe normande is considered a benchmark in the genre. What the closing 'Filip is the cigar' means is best to go and discover for yourself.Translated with (free version)